April 4th

We leave Paris in the morning and catch a plane to Trogir, Croatia. Soon we are over the snow capped alps, and not long after, we see the turquoise seas of the Adriatic dotted with the thousand islands of Croatia. The water is calm and clear and the islands look green and are occasionally dotted with lakes. It is a beautiful day in Croatia.

We arrive at the boat, and I know I felt slightly overwhelmed for a few hours, realizing the  scope of the adventure we are about to start. We fumbled around for a while, and then started getting things organized and our equipment and luggage unpacked. It was all waiting for us on the boat as we had shipped it in advance of our arrival.

After a quick supper, we passed out.
April 5th

Wake up excited, and blow up one paddle board and go paddling around the island of Trogir. I get many looks, as I guess paddle boards are not common here. The water is sparkling and calm, the sun is shining, and it feels like summer.

We get some groceries from the market and head out for a sail. It is perfect out there – 11mph winds, and the boat is happy to be sailing. So are we.

Late in the afternoon, the wind dies down, and John decided to take an outdoor shower and shave, since there is not another boat in sight and we are surrounded by uninhabited islands.

We just hang out there for a while, floating and drifting as the mild current takes us slowly back to Trogir.

That night, we go to our favorite restaurant in Trogir. The cobbled streets are still shining like gold, the buildings are beautiful, and this is a far more romantic place than Paris… at least for me. I find the ornateness of Paris not quite to my liking, and I love the ancient buildings here, for their simplicity, functionality and beauty. It is pure magic sitting outside in a beautiful square with children running free throughout the town, laughing and playing tag, cats under our chairs, superb fresh seafood, and delicious local wine.