April 6th

Wake up late, as the small fish gathering under the boat next to us being chased by  sea bass kept us both entertained during the night. They had an underwater light on that was attracting fish from all around. Some were a good size and I could see John chomping at the bit to go fishing.

It was a day of chores, and although it seemed a waste to do them on this perfect day, we decided it was the mature thing to do. John set up the dinghy with the motor. I got the laundry done. Went shopping at the market and butcher and made a chicken stew for lunch. Later went for a dinghy ride and also went into town for dinner via dinghy. Much prefer this mode of transportation than a car. We are already beginning to adapt to this easier, more relaxed way of life. It is a perfect place to raise children, as they can be free here, and not tethered by their parents’ watchful eyes. The food is fresh, and the lifestyle is healthy. Almost everyone walks everywhere. Less than 5 million people in all of Croatia.

Things will change when the tourists start arriving for the summer. We can already see a lot more restaurants and stores open this time, and there are definitely more tourists in town, but still, it is nowhere near capacity and the restaurants are still empty.