For those of you who do not know it, the toilet on the boat is called the “head”. John and I decided we wanted to replace one head on the boat, as although it worked well, it was very noisy. Every time you used it, everyone in a one mile radius was aware of it. OK, that is an exaggeration, but not by much.

It took three days to purchase the new toilet. Monday, John went to both boat stores in Trogir, armed with the information he needed. They both promised to get back to him via email or phone. Nothing. The next day, he sent me on the same mission, hoping I would have better luck. Nothing. By yesterday morning, we were both frustrated, but luckily the person who had been maintaining our boat was back in town, and within minutes, not only were we shown two potential models, they were also in stock at the one store. Imagine that!

John was a happy camper, and was excited to install the new toilet. Now, all he needed was some screws. He headed to the one store, and it had closed. He headed to the second store, and there the guy from the first store was sitting smoking cigarettes outside with the brothers who ran the second store. He was there, upset because John had purchased the toilet from the brothers, and not from him. John explained he had just been by his store first to buy some things, and he was closed, so he was back at the second store. However, the second store did not have the screws that John needed, but the first one did. The storekeeper told John he would be back in his store in ten minutes and would open up for him. John went on an hour excursion, walked back via the store run by the two brothers, and lo and behold, the other storekeeper was still sitting there smoking cigarettes. John asked him why he had not gone back to the store and opened it after ten minutes as promised. He shrugged, and offered John a cookie. Eventually, he made it back to the store and John got his screws and installed our new “quiet” head.

Life in Croatia, when you are a tourist and are trying not to be….