We arrived in Primosten after sailing part of the way once the wind finally picked up to between 10 and 12 knots. It was a sunny, cloud free day.

When we got to Primeston, we were the only sail boat occupying the 6 berths on the harbor wall, and we were grateful to have the protection, as the Sirocco, a sometimes strong wind that blows from the South East was due to come up and last for three days sometime this night.

Primosten is a beautiful little island town that has been connected to the mainland by a causeway, and looks like a light bulb jutting out from the land. It has a church right at the top of the hill. We headed there first, and found this relatively new cemetery at the top where the church is, with marble family tombs and plots. The cemetery overlooks the ocean that is dotted with many islands, is very spiritual and has lovely trees. It is on the perimeter of the church. Not a bad place to be laid to rest and for family to come and visit.