April 16th
As predicted, the Sirocco starts blowing through the night and gets stronger during the day. We hit up to 35 mph winds, but mostly they stay around 20-25 mph in the harbor.

I take long walks around the island and surrounding coastline, while John potters around on the boat, getting to understand all the mechanics and inner workings of the boat.

Very clear waters, pebbly beaches, pine forests, wild flowers, long walk ways that follow the coast line in both directions. It is a very quiet and peaceful little town with very few tourists.

Towards sunset, John and I walk along the perimeter of the walled old town of Primosten, find a bench in a sheltered area and watch the sun begin to set. We are high above the waves and can hear both the waves and wind as we sit there in relative calm. A photo would never do it justice. The air smells fresh and clean, it is warm, and it is so peaceful.

After dinner, we head back to the boat. It is a noisy night, with the winds picking up even more, the waves smacking the boat and the lines straining to keep the boat in check.  Thank goodness we are in a relatively safe harbor.