We wake up early, and as predicted, Jugo is gone and replaced with a beautiful day. Grey skies, but beautiful. We leave Primosten at 10:00am and head to the island of Prvic to try and get there before the storm that is predicted hits in the afternoon.

We make it to Prvic in less than three hours, and immediately fall in love. This island has no cars, is mostly made up of a couple of fishing villages. They grow their own fruit and vegetables, and the place smells heavenly. There is almost no-one living here. All the men seem to work on repairing roofs, walls and pathways, and the women are working either at home or tending to the vegetable and fruit gardens.
The storm hits with a vengeance. Dark clouds move in, the rain and wind pelts the boat for an hour of so. There is thunder and lightning, and then it is gone.