It is a beautiful day and I take a long walk to the nearby village that is about 20 – 30 minutes away, walk up through the alleys to the hilltop overlooking the bay. At 11 am, we decide to go for a sail. The predicted winds are 10 – 15 mph. John also found out that they are catching tuna out there, so off we head towards the open seas, past all the islands to both enjoy sailing and hopefully catch a fish.

The winds pick up, and looking back at the mainland, see all the classic warning signs of the Bora. Too late! We are already miles out to sea. The wind picks up to over 30 mph and we have a challenging sail. We learn about the boat and how it handles. Pretty darn good, is the answer, but we are taking a beating! We finally make it back in, and are both exhausted and hungry. The only restaurant that is open in town is serving fresh veal chops, just received. That is it. Oh, and local cheese, olives and wine. I am consuming all these as I write this. This is the only spot I can get internet access here.

The main course just arrived.  Time to consume.