Went into old Town Sibenik for dinner, and we were surprised by these ghostly white creatures floating out from the dark to the water’s edge. They were snow-white, graceful swans! What a romantic start to the evening. Turned around to face the town, and we were drawn to the stone stairs that were like the ones in Trogir, polished and washed with gold. We climbed up one set of stairs, and then the next, going through some twists and turns, dark alley ways and some lit alley ways, all the way up to the top of the hill where there is an old castle. It was too dark to go in, and most of the gates were closed for the night. Old stone houses lined these little alley ways of stairs, and they appeared to be inhabited. It was a haunting atmosphere, as the alleys were all deserted, except for the ones closest to the water’s edge. A perfect location for a scary movie, but if felt so safe! I felt like I was in a fairy tale.

Had dinner at one of the restaurants closer to the water’s edge in a square with a church. It was near closing time, and they had limited items, so John had the steak and I had a local fish, that I swear was swimming just five minutes before. I did not leave a scrap behind, although I did share a few bites with a cat that I could not resist.

When we got back to the Marina, to top if off, the full moon provided a spectacular display. Sigh 🙂