It has been a very cold two days. A storm blew in on Sunday, and it was rainy, cold and windy. It was howling so much on Sunday night that the noise level was such that we could not get much sleep, so we stayed up and did a 500 piece puzzle from start to finish until the early hours of the morning.

Yesterday, John and I both had a list of things to get done, including a huge pile of laundry. It took hours with much back and forth – must have walked miles to and from laundry room yesterday – to get the washing done and figure out how the machines worked. Instructions were in Croatian.

However, who can complain, when you are walking along the Marina, and see a swan come to find safe harbor from the wind and cold. She is gorgeous and at first is tucked into herself as she tries to find warmth, but as the day progresses, and gets a little less windy and warmer, she exposes her long neck and lovely head.

I think there is a saying somewhere, that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, and you will, as the weather changes so much. They must have been talking about Croatia. On Sunday night, it got all the way down to 38 degrees F! The day before, the temperature was 70 degrees F. Yesterday, the high was about 50.

The same thing with the wind. The wind can change direction at a moment’s notice. It can also increase or decrease by 10 mph in a minute! It makes for interesting sailing conditions. We are loving all of this, as despite the cold, it is really beautiful here and we are tucked into a relatively safe marina that is new, has beautiful facilities, friendly people, lovely town, and lots to do.