Spent a lot of time walking today and reflecting on my past, the good times and the sad ones, loved ones who are no longer here, and loved ones who are, but far away. Walked up the hill to a fort that overlooks Skradin, walked through forests. I did not see another person on this two hour walk and had this serene forest all to myself.

John was very busy replacing water pumps and bilge pumps and getting things he was unhappy with working on the boat, and as he is not crazy about hiking, took advantage of the time to do so.

Walked through the town of Skradin, through all the numerous paved alley ways (seems all the old towns were built this way), and was really struck with how few were occupied, and how many beautiful old buildings have been abandoned. You see buildings side by side, where one is inhabited and another has no roof and nature has taken over. Sometimes, there are inhabitants on a bottom floor, but the upstairs is abandoned. With all this beauty around us, I wonder how long until Croatia is discovered by foreigners and they buy and restore these lovely old buildings. It cannot stay this way for long, is my guess.