We had planned on leaving Skradin today to go back to Sibenik, but could not set sail on this beautiful place just yet. I hiked all the way to the waterfalls today, instead of taking the boat and walked the falls one more time. This time, tried to do a different take on the falls, and not just the expected.

On the hike there, saw nest after nest in trees and wondered what had created them. I am still not sure, but after some research, it seems the most likely culprits are spanish sparrows. They only started nesting in this area in the 1990’s and their population is rapidly expanding. As Croatians have left Croatia for better economic climates, I suspect a different breed will start flocking in to take advantage of all the peace, beauty and serenity that this place has to offer. That may herald new economic growth for this relatively young country and government, and it may result in a return of the Croatians who left. It is a difficult place to give up.