In about one minute today, saw three snakes, three frogs and three pond turtles. All in the marina next to the boats. I think they all surfaced as it had been the first warm day in some time and the sun was out. The snakes were in the water, and one chased a frog. It gave me pause, as I was just about to go for a swim in the Marina after taking a long paddle on the SUP up the river. It was so beautiful and quiet paddling, with swans, fish and clear waters all along the way. The sound of the birds, frogs and slight breeze moving through the reeds was very peaceful and a few hours went by very quickly.

We had watched a huge tent go up the last few days next to the playground area in Skradin, and the fair had just opened up. It was an Agro tourism fair, and they had all these interesting farm products, hand made arts and crafts, and food for sale. We were saving our appetites for the risotto we were going to have at 2:00pm, but still managed to buy breads, cheeses, hams, sausages, nuts, jams, local wine, a hand made chess set, some art and who knows what else. We were like two kids in a candy store.

Fun fact.  Bill Gates loves to vacation in Croatia and especially, Skradin.  He has been here many times with his family.