Yesterday. Woke up to the rain coming down. Made it hard to get out of bed, the sound was so soothing…. and it was cold! Caught up on “work” and things I had been ignoring for a while as I was having too much fun. Went for a second set of risotto – the big pot was almost empty, so we were lucky to get one of the first and one of the last portions.

Today. Woke up to sunshine and warmth. We came to Skradin for three days and we stayed a week. With sadness, we prepare for our farewell and head slowly down the river, into the lake and back onto the river on our way back to Sibenik. We glanced at the ocean as we pass through to Sibenik, and it is calling us. Time to head back to the ocean soon…

Oh, and while still slowly cruising down the river, the weather changed again, and we had to get our warm jackets. Soon it was pouring!