Another day of perfect weather. Go up the stairs and the first thing I see is a cat sleeping at our entry way. Another cat sees me from the dock – the one I fed yesterday- and he comes on board too. I glance around, and all I can say is “Wow!” Go for a swim. Lay and bask in the sun, and then John and I go for a long walk to the other side of the island to the other village and fantasize about living here as we look at all the houses. We fall in love many times. We walk up a path to the top of the hill. Wild flowers, wild fig trees and olive trees are everywhere, and there is a spectacular view at the top. We can see the mainland and so many islands from there. The sea is an aquamarine color. The sun is shining. It is warm. We chat with many of the people who live here. We had intended going sailing in the afternoon, but got lost in the beauty of the island and its residents and time slipped by and before we knew it, it was late afternoon.

Meet up with Luka, and he shows us a few possible places that are for sale. We are invited for dinner at his home tonight, and he and his great uncle prepare a wonderful meal of fresh fish caught the night before by his cousin, blank ink rissoto, salad and homemade apple strudel. I have so many lovely images in my head from today, that I will never forget.

Side note:  John makes noises that he is not happy about me encouraging and feeding the cats, but I watch with amusement as he is the one who remembers while the market is still open to buy extra cans of tuna to feed them, and next he is the one feeding them on the boat…. he cracks me up!