Started the day out paddle boarding around a nearby island, and then after lunch, we decided to set sail, and see where the wind took us. It was perfect conditions for sailing, and we went north. The wind died completely after a few hours and we just drifted slowly north, enjoying the view. John tried some more fishing. Saw dolphins again in about the same area as before, but this time, it looked like they were leisurely scouting the area, and not feeding.

As it got later towards the evening, we decided to stay in the area on Murter island, instead of going back to Prvic, as there was no wind. We pulled into the Marina and walked into town for dinner just as the sun was setting. Murter is connected to the mainland by a bridge and is a reasonable sized island. Betina is a very quiet, industrial village. The seafood, at a very traditional Croatian restaurant is excellent. John had a tuna steak and I had mussels and clams.

While in the restaurant, we could hear a group singing, and we tracked down the source after dinner. It was a group of elderly men who met at their club to practice singing. It was lovely to listen to them and watch them through the windows. This is why they live so long here.