We head out from Murter Island towards the Kornati islands to an island called Zut. The Kornati islands are further away from the mainland, and a number of them form part of a National Park. Zut is not part of the National Park, and has a hotel (Festa) with a great restaurant on it. Other than a few fishing huts and small marinas, there is not much else on the island.

We sail a good part of the way, as the winds are great, but as we get close to Zut, the wind dies. John pulls in the sails, and we just floated out there between the islands for a few hours until almost sunset and then made our way to the hotel/restaurant, not knowing what to expect.

The hotel Festa has its own berths, and the deal is the berth is free, if you have dinner at the restaurant. It turns out to be probably the most expensive restaurant we have eaten at in some time, including USA and Europe, but the food is exquisite. Five star quality. Fresh fish delivered every day, live lobsters, fish and eels in tanks. Pretty amazing to experience this in the middle of nowhere with a few other sailors.