For the last few years, I have watched myself age rapidly, on those times when I allowed myself a good look in the mirror. Alarming, as in my soul, I still feel like a young girl, capable of anything I set my heart on doing. How did I become the “old lady” in the mirror?

Funny, I don’t mind the wrinkles and don’t mind the loss of “outer beauty” for what it is worth, but do mind if the aging process inhibits all the things I love doing. Hence the need to be out on a sailboat sailing the seas with very little concern for time, as who knows how long I would be physically able to do something like this?

I have discovered the most amazing anti-aging agent. Croatia, and especially Prvic! John has told me a couple of times in the last two weeks, that I seem to be getting younger every day. I have not been able to see myself in a full length mirror, and then a day or two ago, walked into a bathroom, and there I was. Much to my surprise, I did look a lot younger than the last time I really looked.

I am not sure if it is the fresh air, beautiful surroundings, peace and serenity I am surrounded with, or just having stepped off the treadmill and am now living with minimal stress. Either way, am grateful for the unexpected benefits of this wonderful journey in a beautiful country.