Woke up to soft rain falling on the boat. As we surfaced from the boat, saw a couple of fishermen delivering two “just caught” 60-70 pound tunas to the restaurant. John is excited, as it is proof that the tuna are out there!

It looks like the Jugo is going to be blowing hard for the next few days, so we decide we want to hunker down in Prvic. It is a long day of sailing, with lots of tacking to get all the way back to Prvic as the wind is coming almost directly from where we need to go, but is the most consistent it has been in all the time we have been here – between 12 and 15 knotts for most of the day.

John and I both feel we have a much better handle on the boat. Being out all day sailing, with the wind, sun and salt in your face is exhausting, though, and after supper, crashed like a log.