Woke up to hard rain pounding, fierce winds, rocking boat and dark skies. Jugo was in full force. The rain came down with red dust, carried all the way from the deserts of Africa, so there was a red/brown residue on the boat when it was all done. Time to break out a puzzle.

At around 1:00pm, the rain stopped, and while we could, we headed out to the second village for a walk with several layers and rain jackets. By the time we got there, the sun was out, the sea was calm, and we had to remove all those layers! The smells of flowers and earth, sounds of the birds out after the rain, and light was so beautiful. Everything looked scrubbed.

The sunshine also brought out the cats who had been hiding all day, and the fish. John fed the fish that gathered around the boat some bread, and I gave the cats a meal.

Morning and afternoon views from boat.

pr 102

pr 103