Woke up early as John was going to go with Luka and his cousin to pull up the fishing nets they had laid the night before. The sea was calm when they left, but within an hour, Jugo started back up again. Luka’s cousin laid out about a mile of net, and fishes for a living. They managed to get a couple of octopuses, cuttlefish, and a bin full of a variety of small fish. Earning an income fishing in Croatia has become more and more difficult, as the seas here are getting depleted as well. There have been big changes in the last twenty years – the same thing that I am seeing in the oceans all over the world. It is sad that we are depleting the ocean and destroying this habitat. I hope we wake up as humans before it is too late and do something real about it. Some steps have been taken, but it may be too little, too late.

Went for a long walk up to the top of the hill and along it to get some exercise before the predicted rains come. It was warm and lovely walking through the forests of pines and olive groves. There is a dugout and fortress at the top of the hill that was used as a lookout and appears that they also set it up to shoot at any possible invaders during one of the wars. Hopefully, they will never need to use it again.

In the afternoon, the skies got dark and as predicted, the rain came down hard with thunder and lightning. John completed the puzzle I had started the previous day. Our favorite kitty took refuge in the boat with us during the storm.


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