We leave Vodice after completing shopping and chores. Picked up fresh fruit and vegetables from the open market. Good steak, pork cutlets and chicken from two different butcheries and headed back to Prvic. We invited Luka and his uncle over for dinner on the boat – our first guests and first time we use the BBQ.

Leaving Vodice, which was very calm, we hit unexpected winds of 25 knotts as soon as we went past the first island. We were not up to a vigorous sail, so made our way around the island as quickly as possible and got to Prvic. It was a full house that night. All the berths at the Harbor wall were occupied by a group of sailboats in a regatta and overflow went onto the moorings in the bay. Luka had his hands full dealing with all the boats coming in and the winds, but everyone managed to find a spot.

Sailing to Prvic, we saw far more boats than we have ever seen in the area, a clear indication that the tourist season is starting up for Croatia.