Was mesmerized by the red sea anemones while snorkeling today.  Just could not stop staring at one of them as the sea washed over it and it contracted and expanded, putting out its tentacles and folding them back in, growing its tube, and shrinking it.  The sea is warming up and could stay in a lot longer.

Had woken up early as the sky was getting lighter – around 4:30am, and could not go back to sleep. Eventually fell asleep again after a few hours of reflection on how amazing our time in Croatia has been, particularly on Prvic.  Feeling at peace and grateful.

Had a really lazy day after that, reading and dozing in the sun. Going to really miss this place. For the first time, not one, but two sailboats show up with Americans. Art and Marty bought a sailboat in Turkey six years ago with the intention of doing what we are doing. Sailing the Med for a couple of years in the summer months and then selling it. Here they are, six years later, with no intention of quitting. I can see us falling into the same wonderful trap….. 🙂