Time to head back to Trogir. Jugo is blowing fiercely today, so we are into the wind all the way from Prvic to Trogir. John spends about 4 hours below deck, trying to figure out the source of water that we seem to take on and that fills the bilges every time we take the boat out to sea for any length of time, so I am alone at the helm for about four hours with salt drenched wind blasting my face, the occasional sea spray, heavier wind driven swells and waves. I am in my element and feel at one with the boat, wind and sea. Time stops. I don’t feel the cold or my sandpapered face, the grit in my eyes. I anticipate and feel each wave and swell as it reaches the boat and we are both loving it. John surfaces occasionally to check up on me, but can see I am happy.

When he does take over the helm for the last hour or so, I suddenly feel my raw face, the cold and the spell is broken. My arms hurt from constant small movements on the helm. It was wonderful!

We are a little shell-shocked being back in civilization. There are a lot more people and cars in Trogir. Our beautiful, polished gold empty alleys in old town Trogir are now filled with tourists touting cameras, large tour groups everywhere, many more stores and restaurants open. It is no longer our little private sanctuary, as it felt before.

We head back early to the boat and are in bed before it is dark.


One of the squares today
The alley today
One of the alleys before
tr 601
The square before