May 20th

Everything looks different after a good night’s sleep. Going into town today, it was now exciting to see all the tourists, see all the new restaurants that are open, and especially the shops! So many great little stores were open, all with local items for sale. Had not had a chance to do so much browsing and shopping in some time, so really enjoyed it again. Bought all kinds of things, not sure how many are needed, but did not spend a lot of money, so not a total waste!

Shane and his friends arrive Sunday morning and I can barely contain my excitement. We started a complete spring cleaning of the boat and will stock up on supplies tomorrow.

May 21st

Hottest day yet. Hit almost 80 degrees. A strong warm wind was blowing in the morning, so perfect for drying and airing bedding and doing laundry. We prepared the boat and stocked up so we are ready for the arrival of the troops tomorrow.

Saw at least 30 planes come in today – almost like LAX. The invasion is on in Croatia. It is really busy in town as this is switchover day for the charter boats. Everyone leaves their boat in the morning and then there is frantic cleanup before the next guests get given access in the afternoon. It is a very festive atmosphere as everyone is on vacation.

It is now late afternoon. The wind has died down completely and it is very hot! Time to head for the islands where we can do some swimming…. 🙂