Wake up with butterflies in my tummy as I am soon going to see Shane. Allen and Stephanie arrive first, soon followed by Shane and Carrie. It is wonderful to have all this young energy back in our lives.  John and I are both anxious to show them the country we have fallen so much in love with.

It is a really hot day – almost no wind. The young adults all explore Trogir for a few hours while John and I stock up on supplies and get ready to sail to Solta.

We have an uneventful sail to the Marina in Maslinica, Solta. The “kids” head out to find a spot to swim to try and cool off. I take a walk to the top of the hill where there is a small church and cemetery. It is a walk through forests to get there. Wild flowers and many birds singing. Views from up there of many islands. Started noticing the names on the gravestones, and they were almost all from two families – Radman and Glavurtic. There were a lot of young men who died in their twenties – mostly coinciding with WWI, WW II.

We had dinner at sunset at one of the harbor restaurants. Since jet lag was an issue, we all went to bed early.  It is wonderful to see this group of white, and I mean sun deprived white, tired and jet lagged young people with big smiles and good hearts.  It is going to be lovely week.

sh 108
Cemetery at the top of Maslenica, Solta
sh 105
The new captain


sh 106
Four “white” kids – sun and sleep deprived

sh 104