After breakfast and showers, we headed out to the Pakleni islands just off Hvar island. Checking the weather report, we were supposed to encounter winds of about 15 knots. From the moment we turned the corner from the Harbor we were in on Solta island, we hit high winds of at least 20 knots from the South East, and they increased in intensity until they reached 37 knots at one point. The swells were close together and some were cresting. It made for a very bumpy, wave washed ride for the next 18 miles to the Pakleni islands. Luckily it was not too cold, and the kids took cover from the spray under the awning.

The small inlet where the Marina is on the Pakleni islands had at least 6 boats arriving at the same time, us included, and the harbor guys had their hands full for the next few hours as the boats continued to flock in looking for refuge from the wind.

The “kids” went exploring and John made a great BBQ of steak and pork chops with chillies while I made salad and pasta with truffles. It was a fantastic meal and we were all hungry. Almost everything was consumed.

Storm clouds moved in, and soon after we were all in bed, the rain started to pound the boat.

sh 218

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sh 208
Stormy seas – hit 37 knots
sh 207
Allen and Carrie trying to escape the waves pounding us