Gorgeous day and John and I both feel better! We head out to Brac and the beach near Bol. Snorkeling, swimming and paddle boarding in the bay. Lots of activity on the beach. Many boats in the bay. We eventually get asked to move as we are anchored in a non-anchor zone, apparently. This was not the first thing that went wrong this day. When John went to drop the anchor, the whole windlass motor had fallen down, so he spent the whole time while we were anchored getting it re-attached and working again. As he came out to relax, we were asked to move.

We decide to take a berth on the harbor wall in Bol, which has no protection from the open sea, but since the winds are not going to be that strong, felt okay spending the night there. We decided we could connect the boat to the lazy lines ourselves in the wind without the help of the harbor guys, as we were now “experienced” and there was a long line of boats waiting…. well, three…. We almost managed to get it done, but then one line got stuck in our prop. Oh dear! Several hours later, between Shane and John diving under the boat, they managed to get all the line free from the prop. Lesson – we should have waited for the Harbor guys! We had a few more challenges in setting up the boat, such as waves threatening to slam the boat against the pier when big ferries come by, but eventually things finally settled down and an exhausted John and I went into town for some dinner – around 8:30pm. The final straw was when John poured a glass of red wine, the glass was cracked and the wine poured right through…. let’s just say he was anxious for the day to be over so we could start anew in the morning.

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Bol at night

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