No Jugo. No voice either. Memorial Day in the USA. A frustrated day of trying to communicate. Spend it reading instead. The boat does get its new official name and registration added. The design is a collaboration between John, the sign artist and myself. We think it looks great! All three flags are ready to go on the boat as well – Croatia, UK and USA.

sp 202.JPG

We are supposed to have dinner with Luka and his family at their home, but as I am sick, need to cancel. Instead, Luka and his mom surprise us by delivering home cooked food at the boat – a soup made from a lamb freshly butchered that day, a fish pate, desert and some fresh vegetables just picked. Luka also brings a herb for me to brew and gargle with that will restore my voice and repair my throat. I was really touched. We are so fortunate to have met him and his family in Croatia and look forward to a long continued friendship.  We will likely not see them until we return to Croatia.