John discusses the issues we are having with some experienced sailors on another boat in Vrboska, and they feel there is something wrong with our steering system. There is apparently a really good engineer on Milna, so we head over there.

When we get there, the engineer happens to be the owner of the Marina that we are staying in, takes a look at our steering system, and indicates that he cannot find anything wrong, and that it is most likely that we had the incorrect sails out for the sea conditions. It is a relief that it is not the boat, but we clearly need some additional training on sailing in these wind conditions on this boat.
At sunset, as we walk into town, the engineer tracks us down and says he has found someone who can go out with us with a lot of experience. It turns out to be an American/Croatian couple we met the last time we were here in Milna with the kids – Nina and Robert! We have dinner with them, and this afternoon, we are going to go out sailing with Robert to see if we can figure out what we are doing wrong.

John now has the flu as well.  We make a sorry pair, but we are still in paradise!

mi 102.JPG