This village in an inlet that turns into canals and bridges and dead ends has lovely character and lovely people. We went to a restaurant in the late afternoon yesterday. They served us an excellent meal, and at the end of the meal, brought us something similar to a grappa, complements of the owner. It was delicious, and went down smooth as silk. It made my throat and cough disappear for a while.

The next morning, John walked back to the restaurant to see if we could buy some of this magic potion, but the waiter said it was the owner’s private reserve and it was his personal brew and did not sell it. He called the owner for John, and the owner said he could not sell it as he had a very limited supply. However, if we wanted to come back that evening, he would show us his cellar and we could join him for another set of shots. John explained that we were leaving, so would not be there and asked if there was something similar they could recommend. After speaking to the owner for a second time on the phone, the waiter came back with two bottles of a different kind as gifts for us. He would not accept any money and said it was a gift from the owner.

This is one of the things we absolutely love about Croatians. They are not about money and capitalism. If you treat them and their country with respect and appreciation, they are extremely kind and generous, both with their time and whatever resources they have access to. They are very proud of both their country and their role in it. It is refreshing and we appreciate all their efforts, and there have been many, to make us feel welcome and included here.

Oh, another thing that is interesting about Vrboska is that there is a full blown Nudist camp on the point next to the village.

Canals with bridges
Church at top of the hill
vr 101
Sign to Nudist camp on point