Thunder, lightning, heavy rain. It goes on all morning. A very soothing sound as I quietly research how we are going to get from Croatia to Greece, and what the requirements and regulations are. There are not many places to stop in Montenegro and Albania, and it is going to mean long days of sailing, so need to watch the weather and plan accordingly.

At around 2:30pm, the rain stops, and the sun begins to come out, even as we can still hear thunder and see lightening on the hills around us. We go out while we can to explore the old town of Korcula.

Korcula has been inhabited since pre-historic times. They claim Marco Polo was born here and was captured here by the Geonese. The walls that surround the old town are from th 13th century. There was one church after another in the old town, many of them right next to each other and I lost count of how many of them I saw. Once the rain lifted, you could easily see the mainland across the startlingly auqua and blue waters dotted with very green islands. The island of Korcula itself is covered with lush green vegetation.

It surprises me to see throughout Croatia, how all these old buildings are being put to modern day use. Everywhere else in the world, they would be monuments that could not be used for private use. One fortress is a cocktail bar! People live in these ancient buildings throughout the town.

Sitting at a restaurant having a meal, we see a man come up from the ocean to deliver a huge fish, freshly caught. A cat perches atop an awning staring down at us, hoping for some left over scraps. The view is spectacular from this location on top of the edges of the city wall. It is hot and humid, now that the sun is out.

ko 203
Floating umbrellas

ko 204

ko 205
Rain drenched alley ways and tunnels in old town

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ko 212
Marco Polo born here?
ko 213
View across to mainland
ko 220
Delivering a freshly caught fish to restaurant
ko 221
Hoping for scraps