We get up early and head for the island of Mljet, which is also a national mark. It is the greenest island in the Adriatic Ocean. When we get there, we have five or more restaurants, all with their lazy lines out for us to choose which one to spend the night at. The deal is that the berth is free if you eat at the restaurant. I had reviewed a few of them online, so chose the one that I knew had fresh lobsters growing in a pool next to their restaurant. Ended up being a good choice.

John was feeling under the weather, so I went out to explore the two sea water “lakes” by myself. They are connected to the ocean by a narrow channel. It was so beautiful, it took my breath away. I went snorkeling in the first “lake” and discovered this molluscs under water that were a foot to two feet long and growing everywhere in the lake. I loaned my snorkeling gear to a bunch of youths, as no-one else had gear to see them, and as a result, a young Croatian told me that the best place to snorkel was at the island where the monastery was – behind the monastery, where no-one went. Since it is a park, the fish are very tame and the water is clear.

I took a water taxi to the monastery, and followed his directions. Sure enough, I had the entire bay to myself. It was warm water, crystal clear – lots of fish and molluscs. When I got out of the water, watched a couple of lizards with bright colors – turquoise and green. They were so tame and unconcerned I was there. One caught a green insect and consumed him as I watched.

Lazed in the sun for a while and then made my way back to the monastery. I discovered I was the only the tourist left on the island, and sat patiently reading while I waited for the boat to take me back to the main island. It was already late in the day.

We had dinner at our restaurant where we were tied up – literally a few feet away, after picking our two lobsters that were swimming in the pool below. The family who ran the restaurant netted them for us and then grilled them. It was a fabulous meal. Fed the remnants of our lobster to the collection of island cats who had gathered near us.

A storm is expected to come in overnight. We don’t want to leave, although we know we do need to in a day or so, as our time is up in Croatia. I already know I want to come back here and spend at least four of five days. It is just brimming with life and nature, and is so beautiful.

Large molluscs in salt water lakes
Fish on island where monastery is
Colorful lizard


ml 128
Chosen lobster for dinner

ml 130

ml 131
Scruffy cat waiting for scraps
ml 132
Dinner next to the boat

ml 134