June 14th

We checked out of Cavtat this morning and left Croatia for Montenegro. Checking out is funny. You take your boat to a berth that is marked customs, that was just a few berths from where we had spent the night. Once there, they let one of us off the boat, while the other has to stay on it, and with both passports in hand and the boat papers, first get the boat stamped out and then both passports. I volunteered to go as I am better at the paperwork. In the meantime, John was supposed to stay “quaranteened” in customs, but nobody cared when he got off the boat and went to buy us some breakfast to go.

We raise the anchor – we had to anchor from the bow, and then back into the dock and tie up that way – and head out for Montenegro. The sky is blue with big white clouds, the sea is so blue, and it is fairly calm. There is a slight breeze. Since it is coming from exactly the direction we are going, there is no point in raising the sails, so we motor pleasantly down this very green and mountainous coastline until we get to the first inlet/bay and where we can check into customs and immigration in Montenegro. The port is called Tivat and it is deep into the Bay of Kotor. We are surrounded by very green mountains, many villages and towns, and the Marina looks new and well designed. It is very upscale and are clearly catering to the megayachts that abound in this marina. We are met by a very pleasant agent, a young man called Vladimir. He walks me through the process of getting our passports stamped and the paperwork ready for entering the country. One hiccup is that the lady dealing with customs will only be back from lunch at three. I guess they take long lunches here. It is now 3:00pm, so am heading that way.

Over an hour later and we are finally checked in. It is very hot and humid. John and I decided to go to the lovely Yacht Club with a pool that is part of the Marina. What a refreshing and beautiful area to spend a few hours, cool down, have some oysters and margaritas…. well, the margaritas may not have been such a great idea, as you can tell from the photos!

mo 102
Blue, blue waters on the way to the Bay of Kotor
mo 107
Relaxing ride – calm waters
mo 108
Cleared customs
mo 110
Yacht Club at Marina in Tivat
Oysters and chilled Margaritas
Infinity pool meets ocean


Margaritas kicking in
No more margaritas for this girl
What am I doing?