June 15th

Windy day uphill to Bar with us going directly into the wind. It is not unpleasant, as the sea is this gorgeous teal color, the waves are big rollers and the boat rides them beautifully. It does require a fair amount of concentration, and with wind and waves splashing, it becomes exhausting. Later in the day, we arrive in Bar, a very industrial town, with a very basic working Marina. We just chill for awhile to recover.

Tomorrow is going to have gale force winds and more – up to 48 knots in the Adriatic, so we are going to stay put, as on Friday and Saturday we have a very long trek down the Adriatic through Albania.

At sunset, we take a walk into town. We feel very foreign and out of place here. Mostly families and children wherever you go out enjoying the sunset with their kids. It does not have a well cared for, touristly look to the place. It could potentially be very beautiful, but the landscape is marred by industrial plants. Montenegro has only been independent for 10 years, so are new to democracy.  Much evidence of the communist era remains.  They are determined to get their share of tourism though, and you can see huge developments in progress all the way down this beautiful coastline. The people are really beautiful – men, women and children.

mo 205
Fort at entrance to Kotor bay
mo 207
Teal blue seas – no longer blue,blue… just beautiful