I hate this place. Maybe it is because I am sick. It is hot and humid, and other than the people, who are really exceptionally attractive, it just looks run down and seedy.

So many of the women are stylishly dressed, are extremely tall, have legs that go on forever and have a beautiful presence. You see many moms (in their thirties and looking super hot) strutting down the street with their teenage daughters, holding hands. It almost seems that the mom is training the daughter on how to get the attention of future husbands and also acting as a chaperone. Younger kids run free. Boys of all ages walk down the promenade in groups. You also see many young couples, just out of their teens, who are married and have a kid or kids. There is a strong sense of family here, and generally, everyone looks quite happy.

On the boat opposite us in the Marina, we had total inspiration. A dwarf was living on the boat with a woman, who appeared to have ALS, the same disease that Steven Hawkins has. The dwarf himself has a physical disability, and could not walk easily. He was incredibly fit. They both had amazing attitudes and big smiles. We watched him get her dressed to get her off the boat, got her off the boat with enormous physical strength, set her up in his special bicycle with a seat adapted for her in the back and took off. Later, and every day while we were there, they would go sailing in the afternoon – just the two of them. I loved watching them every day. For lunch yesterday, he pulled a net out that had a lot of mussels, removed a few for lunch, and put the rest back in the ocean. I wish they spoke more English, as I would have loved to get to know them better.

mo 302
Very fifties style buildings. Run down
mo 303
Our neighbor in the Marina