Check into Greece in the Marina in Corfu. All goes smoothly. There is only one tax to pay and that is 15 Euros for a whole year. There is another cruising tax that should be paid, but no-one pays it, according to the official, as they have not created a system for paying it, even though the tax has been in effect for some time. No wonder Greece is bankrupt. They also don’t collect fees for berthing in harbors and lose revenue from thousands of boats cruising throughout Greece. You can pretty much cruise Greece for free, and occasionally pay for water and electricity or fuel.

It is hot – really hot! John has to go and get his passport stamped, and we rent a motorcycle – 250cc’s – as John has a license for one. Discovered something new about him… :). We head into Corfu town, and are taken backwards through customs to get to the entry point, where an official is waiting for us. They stamp John’s passport and we are free to go. Corfu Town is seedy and run down. The buildings are delapidated. However, there is a great holiday atmosphere there, and everyone is enjoying the heat and environment. The water is really, really blue!

Back at the Marina, we had hired someone to clean the exterior of the boat, as it was just too hot to do ourselves, and we needed some down time, as tomorrow is going to be another grueling day as we make our way to Lefkada. I go to the pool and read, chat with all the Brits and just enjoy being there.

The Marina is filled with Brits who either live there full time or part time. It is a place that I finally fit in! Women, of all ages and sizes, where shorts, tank tops, short summer dresses and bekinis. Often, they are barefoot and if not, are wearing flip flops. It is beautiful to see all that skin enjoying the heat and beauty of Corfu.

John helped a lady who was struggling with a suitcase and took it to her boat for her. It turns out that her boyfriend just died the day before of a heart attack in Corfu. They had just completely provisioned a boat to travel around the world, and just like that, before they could even start, the saga ended.

In the early evening, we went over to see how she was doing and see if she needed any help. We discovered that are many parallels between her life and mine, but hope that this latest event in her life is not paralleled in mine.