June 23rd

We get a number of chores down in the morning and then around 2:00pm head to Ithaca. The sea is different shades of incredible blue and is very calm. It is stunning! There are sailboats, ferries and tankers everywhere and it is a busy crossing. The sea is dotted with green islands with cliffs and caves.

We arrive in Frikes, Ithaca, which is the village close to where my sister Jackie has a house and tie up to the harbor wall. This is our first experience without electricity and water on the dock. The harbor wall is full, but we manage to find a prime spot that had been vacated by another boat.

Then do I realize that I got the dates mixed up, and my sister and her family are not due to arrive here in Ithaca until Saturday afternoon.

We walk a short distance to Nick’s place for dinner – I have eaten there many times in the past. Jackie and Kevin’s friends here on the island, Erica and Dimitriv are there and they join us for dinner. It was a lovely evening and we pass out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.