No sailing today. We are staying put.

Sweltering heat. Refreshing blue water. Worked all morning catching up on various items on the computer. John and I went for a paddle and a snorkel. The water was delicious. Could just stay in it for hours.

In the late afternoon, we rented a car for a few days, and took a drive along the sheer cliffs all along the coast to Vathi and had dinner there and watched the sunset. Beautiful.

The sounds of cicadas, the shades of blue from sea  to sky, cliffs covered with green trees dotted with tall cypresses, the smells of the vegetation and earth, the saltiness of the sea air and water, strong breezes providing relief from the heat, the lovely villages, scooters going everywhere with families of three or four on them with no helmets, boats suspended in blue everywhere, people swimming, Greek men sitting in cafe’s all day drinking espresso, shadow and light in valleys, views of distant and close islands swimming in azure blue, ice cream so creamy and cold, you feel like you are eating heaven, floating face down in cool clear water that becomes warm as a bath in pockets – this is summer at its best. Lazy and free…..