A storm brings in relief from the heat.  The temperature drops about 15 degrees F.

Started the day with a gorgeous sunrise and clear skies. There was no sign of the storm that would soon blow in and reign all day into the night. It arrived around mid morning with a vengeance. The thunder and lightning went on all day, with lightning strikes coming down to hit the island every few minutes and thunder exploding just above our heads. The rain came down hard. The smell in the air was electric. It was awe inspiring and beautiful.

The Fitgeralds arrived. It was lovely to see them back here. Their house on the island overlooking the sea is just as beautiful as ever. Their home is on a cliff with white rocks and soil cascading down to the ocean, and much of this had run into the bay. The usually turquoise waters were a creamy color far into the bay. It was striking against the blues further out and the color of the vegetation.

it 308
Afales Bay stained with the sand washed down from the cliffs
it 304
Rain enshrouded mountains on a nearby island