So excited to see my family  and the boat again.

The last few days were a blur. We spent our last day in Sicily resting, and then went to dinner at Mommo’s place, which was inland. Mommo is a very good friend of the Comos, and it was wonderful to see where  and how they lived, as their family has been there for generations. It is a town that is slowly dying, as the young people leave, and more and more buildings become abandoned. We had a very traditional meal and ate way too much. Mommo prepared the meal with his mother in law, who is still very young looking and quite beautiful at 84.  They live very close together, and each owns several properties.  They provide each other with love and support, as Mommo lost his wife a few years ago, and his mother in law lost her only daughter.

Next morning, we wake up at 5:00am to go to the airport and work our way back to Athens. We make it up to the Acropolis this time and go in. We are dismayed, as they are restoring this beautiful ruin by adding in new pieces of marble and in my opinion are destroying it. It still looks quite beautiful at night, all lit up.

Yesterday, we took a bus from Athens back to the boat in Lefkada. It took about 5 hours and was a very pleasant trip – almost easier than flying, and not much more time when all is said and done. They drop us off in the Marina where our boat is, and within an hour, we are on our way back to Ithaca – I can’t want to wait to see my family,  so we head out knowing we are going to arrive just after dark, and hope the harbor at Frikes is not too full. We have a lovely ride over, with some strong winds whipping up the waves and splashing us as we get into the open seas as we cross over to Ithaca. We watch a spectacular sunset. The wind feels amazing and the sea spray is warm.

We get to Frikes, Ithaca at 9:30pm, and the harbor is jammed with boats tied to each other four deep. John is reluctant to side tie to another boat, so we head out into the bay to find a place to anchor. It is pitch black and after one failed attempt to set the anchor, decide to head back into the harbor again and side tie after all, as that is at least safe for the night and we may get some sleep. The wind is also blowing at between 20 to 25 knots to complicate things. Some time just before midnight, we finally have the boat secured and are ready to pack it in for the night. The cicadas lull me to sleep. It is wonderful to be back on the boat again.  Too late to see family, but tomorrow is another day.