As I sit here, with my heart sad, as my sister and family have departed to go back to Africa, I cannot help but think of all the people in my life as I sit so far away from all, except John, who are close to me.


All my immediate blood relatives, including my son and siblings, are on separate continents. So far away from each other we all are, and yet so dear. Family, even when you don’t physically see them for some time have an infinite power to provide you with love, comfort, hurt and both acceptance and rejection. You do not choose them, but they are always attached to you by some invisible string, with no way to sever it, no matter how those relationships ebb and flow. Whatever happens, they have huge power over you and your happiness. No escaping that.


Friends choose each other. One can go years without seeing a true friend, and you will pick up the thread as though you had seen each other just yesterday when you do. It is a different kind of love, but a love no less. You are there for each other, as much as is needed by the other in the times of fun and laughter, and again when there is strife and sadness and the miseries and misfortunes of life intrude. You are drawn to each other, as each provides something that is needed by the other in terms of friendship, acceptance, understanding, common interests and pleasure. Pleasure plays a huge part in why one often becomes friends, but once there is a true bond, friends will be there for you in your darkest hours as well. Yes, you choose each other.