We said goodbye to Frikes, but did not go far – just around the corner to Kioni.

John had bought some freshly caught swordfish off the back of a truck in Frikes and one of the restaurants grilled it for us – heavenly. Once settled in Kioni on the harbor wall, we took the dinghy over to where the windmills were. We climbed up to the top and had to find shade as soon as possible. The heat was excessive, but the view well worth the climb.

Went for a long snorkel in the bay and then later, we went for dinner. It did not cool down much after the sun set. Thank goodness for fans!

A day with many beautiful images, but so hot!!!!

it 1002
it 1008
Goodbye Frikes

it 1009

it 1010
it 1014
Swallows nesting

it 1015

it 1018
Hungry cat jealous of us feeding fish behind it

it 1020it 1028

it 1031
Kioni at night