We had out early from Vasiliki to Paxos. The sea is very calm and there is a layer of mist over the sea and enshrouding the islands that are visible. It is a very pleasant ride over to Paxos, and we arrive around 3:30pm.

It is a little stressful trying to find a spot for the boat at Gaios on Paxos, as it is now full season, and this is a very popular and beautiful place. At first we find a spot that is apparently where the really big, and I mean big boats go, and after some stressful positioning, finally get the boat secure. Shortly after, are told that another big boat – about 60 meters is coming in to where we are, and we need to move a little over. Since we have already been dwarfed by one boat – about 30 meters, we decide to move as Barry and Ellen have found us an overnight spot closer to the town.

After spending so much time securing the boat, we are a little exhausted, but happy to be here, as it is truly a beautiful little town with a great atmosphere. A storm is also expected, and while at dinner, it starts to rain.

Walking back to the boat in a fine rain, we encounter a couple of ducks crossing to the sea.

The village is charming, and filled with holiday makers. We are really going to enjoy our time here. Very touristy, but lovely, non the less.

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