July 16 and 17

A lovely, relaxing two days in the charming village of Gaios. The winds pick up substantially, and although it is pretty sheltered where we are, we can see the wind raging and hear it howling out in the open sea. We have an issue with depth. The keel and rudder of the boat keep hitting the bottom, but the harbor is full, so nowhere else to go. There is no other available shelter nearby, so we make do – or at least, John does most of the work to make sure we are OK. He pulls us forward, he lets line out, he moves us away from the harbor wall, but whichever maneuver he makes, we are OK for a while and are again touching bottom or side.

This makes for a very stressful and sleepless couple of nights, and we are reluctant to venture far from the boat. That is boating for you. It is never just easy sailing… there are always a few kinks…. This does not stop us from having a good time, just have to deal with a little more stress than usual.

The plus side is that there are no tourist boats visiting Paxos from Corfu, so we have less tourists on the island.

pa 207
Giaos PAxos

pa 209

pa 211
Sitting outside the museum. Seems to be his bench
pa 212
Going Greek
pa 215
Girl in doorway
pa 216
Barry and Ellen


Window in a store in Gaios