July 18th

We decide, since we have a few hours of calm before the winds whip up to about 45 knots again, to go around the corner to a sheltered bay nearby that is in a quiet inlet, has room against a wall, a restaurant, and not much else.

We get stuck several times in the mud as it is too shallow and the tide is low. With a lot of stress and help from others on boats, we make it out of there and around the corner.

We set the anchor and attach to the Harbor wall. The wind is already picking up, so a little challenging, but all seems to go fairly well…. for a while…. after and hour or so, head back to the boat after paddle boarding, and the boat is right up against the wall. The anchor is no longer holding, a common problem we are told in this bay.

Luckily, we have good and knowledgeable neighbors, so they help us reset the anchor and we have our fingers crossed, as now it is beginning to blow rather strongly. Apparently, it is not uncommon for it to take a few times to set the anchor here.