Uneventful and peaceful night at anchor, and wake up to a glorious sunrise as we head out towards Italy with ocean that looks like a lake. We see many dolphins along the way to Italy, and make really good time getting there. We head around the heel of Italy, and for the second time on this trip, I see a swordfish jumping. John drops a quick line, but they don’t go for the lure.

As we get close to Gallipoli, the port where we are going to enter Italy, we hear explosions. It turns out, that this weekend there is a huge festival for Saint Katarina in Gallipoli, and the streets are jammed with people, stalls, fireworks, street parties. We are exhausted as it is 104 degrees Fahrenheit and humid. I am pretty sure I get a touch of heatstroke as we head out into the town to get a few things done. Head back to the boat and the relative reprieve from the heat.

co 603
Italy ahead
co 606
John fishing in the early morning light
co 607
Sunrise over Nisos Othoni
co 608
Dolphins playing in our bow wake