July 22nd

Back on track again by the afternoon. Cleared by the port authority to continue our voyage, so we head out to the outermost island closest to Italy to spend the night, Nisos Othoni. We thought we would be able to tie up there on the harbor wall and put water back in the boat, as we had now been more than 24 hours without water.  John and I were both relishing a real shower, not a wash with bottled water.  It was not meant to be.

We get there in the late afternoon, and it is quickly clear that the charts and the description in our pilot book do not tie up. It is very shallow on the harbor wall, surrounded by rocks and has a very shallow unmarked channel leading to it. We start to navigate where we think the channel is, but then change our minds, as we don’t want to risk going aground again. Feeling a little jinxed at the moment.

We anchor in about 4 meters of water that is ridiculously clear with a rocky bottom, just outside the town harbor. We are not the only boat that makes this decision as the afternoon progressed, so realize it was the right one. Our first night completely on anchor, but the seas are calm and we are going to head out at 6:00am the next morning for Italy.