Sicignano via Salerno back to Gallipoli – the scenic route

We decided to drive through Salerno, and if possible along the coast to Gallipoli. It turned out not to be so easy and added many hours to our trip.

The southern part of Italy is very rural with mostly olive trees and vineyards. The towns seem poor and dilapidated, but once outside them, the countryside sparkles with a freshness and beauty. It gets progressively warmer and more humid the closer we get to Gallipoli, and by the time we get there, it is close to 100 degrees!

Our boat survived our not being there, but it is like a sauna inside. We open it up, get fans going, are soaked in no time, but a cold shower revives us and we go into town for a dinner. I love the atmosphere in Gallipoli and look forward to exploring it over the next few days.

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