It is really hot and humid here in Gallipoli, but the place is so interesting, we have decided to stay for a few days. Hardly anyone speaks English, and those that do, have a very limited vocabulary. This city is teaming with Italians on vacation and there are hardly any foreigners here.

There is fresh seafood and fresh pasta everywhere, but no fruit and vegetables – something I am trying to locate. Almost no meat dishes as well.

The old town is surrounded by a wall and there is a castle and lovely beach. The water is very clear and calm.

John surprises me with a very romantic dinner on the harbor wall with roses and champagne to get celebrations started. It is a lovely meal with fresh seafood and pasta.

I love this place where we are immediately recognized as foreigners, before we open our mouths. There are no blonde haired, blue eyed people here. It feels authentic and you are completely transported into a foreign country, something I welcome as the world becomes more 401ga 402ga 403ga 406ga 407ga 408ga 410ga 412ga 413ga 414ga 415

Sunset from the boat