August 3rd

After checking the weather reports repeatedly the previous day, we decided today was a good day to make the move to Roccella Ionica Marina, about 70 – 80 miles away through an area that is notorious for bad winds and waves. After a sleepness night worrying about the trip, it turns out we timed it perfectly by leaving at 5:30am as the wind and seas pushed us to our destination. It was a little rough at first, but overall, made very good time with the co-operating seas and winds and were relieved to make it through the rough area without incident. The journey took about 7 hours. It was really hot when we arrived in Roccella Ionica Marina, and we had to navigate some very shallow sandbanks to get into the Marina, but all went relatively smoothly. John and I were both exhausted from the trip and lack of sleep, so as soon as we were safely tied up, went to sleep for a few hours.

In the late afternoon, we went to take care of paperwork, and were told they provide free bikes to go into town to anyone staying in the Marina, so pick up two bikes. We have a lovely meal at the restaurant in the Marina and get an early night.